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The highly respected MS Access application OSHatWork makes it easy to manage:

health & safety






certifications, and


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3 Piece Software Pty Ltd is a Microsoft Partner with 20 years experience designing, building and supporting ready-to-use and custom databases.

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OSHatWorkTM is a ready-to-use program with the features needed to comprehensively manage workplace health and safety (WHS), risk and worker skills (and it will also store staff employment details).

It is particularly well suited to small to medium businesses but large corporations and government departments use it too.

We train you to get the most from OSHatWork, and we provide ongoing support in it's use.

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Not everyone wants their sensitive and important data floating up in the clouds and potentially exposed to hackers. OSHatWork is not a "cloud" program. It is installed on your computers, within your network, and runs under Microsoft Access.

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OSHatWork may be the right program for you if:

  • you want a low-cost (or even free!), comprehensive, single-user or multi-user program,
  • you prefer to keep your data "on premises", safely behind your firewall, and securely shared from your own server, and
  • a very professional, high-quality Microsoft Access database appeals to you.

With OSHatWork to rely on you'll soon be feeling:

happy to have a concise and readily understandable structure for data storage,
relaxed knowing that there is an easy way to find and view your data when it is needed,
satisfied that steps are being taken to safeguard the health and wellbeing of workers,
effective when you see smart analysis of the collected data delivering new insights,
confident that you know what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by,
relieved when rehabilitation and workers’ compensation insurance costs are reduced,
thrilled to see how health and safety improves, and how performance and profitability are enhanced, through well-documented risk identification and control.
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Of course there is a lot to consider when deciding on new software.

That's why we offer you a free trial to fully test the program with your own data (or with sample data that we provide for your convenience).

For a quick initial assessment we can also demonstrate the program to you, live across the internet.

If you'd like to book a demo, please get in touch.