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Free? Yes really!

All organisations are welcome to request a free licence of OSHatWorkTM.

A very worthwhile decision

Visit the About page to see why you'll feel good about using OSHatWork!


Since the 1990's, organisations have been trusting us to supply them with top quality software that manages WHS, risk and worker skills.

Cost-effective subscription licences

The annual subscription fees are tiny compared to the cost-of-employment for the health & safety, risk and training personnel who will work more effectively, and be more satisfied, when they use OSHatWork.

The benefits of subscription licences include:

  • simultaneous multi-user operation of OSHatWork;
  • an initial one-hour "getting started" training session, at no additional cost (delivered live over the internet);
  • support, at no additional cost, via email or telephone; and
  • free update to each new version as it becomes available.

The subscription fee that you pay will be based on the size and type of your organisation.

The annual amount starts from just a few hundred dollars (for the entire organisation, not per user).

Once your subscription fee is set it will only change in future in proportion to the Australian CPI.

The best time is now!

If you have any questions, or you would like to get a quote or see a demonstration, please contact us.